In search of lost tracks

The ‘Vittorino Cazzetta’ Museum in Selva di Cadore has an extraordinary display of Pan-European geological, paleontological and archeological findings.

Among the world-renown findings, on display are the remains of Mondeval man – a hunter that lived 7,500 years ago during the Mesolithic age. He was found in Mondeval de Sora locality, at 2,150 meter a.s.l., completely equipped and fitted out for the hunt.

And, at 2,050 meters high, on a huge rock, on the north corner of Mt. Pelmetto, which sits just south of Mt. Pelmo, there lies an enormous slate with around a hundred paw prints of animals that lived during the stone age. This slate was discovered in the early 80s, by Vittorino Cazzetta. Studies conducted on the site by the University of Padova have established that these paw prints belonged to three species of small dinosaurs that lived around 200 million years ago.


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